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Jan 28, 2013 12:30am EST
of the law. over the past five years we have joined forces to put real reforms into place. we've assured victims are taken seriously, provided medical care and support and the cases are investigated and prosecuted. last year congress passed reforms in how the military tracks sexual assault to paint a picture of just how big the problem is. we also established a commission to take a critical look at the uniform code of med teenage justice and make recommendations for reform to make sure that the system can successfully prosecute sexual assault. however, legislation is not the only answers. commanders at every level in every service must make eliminating sexual assault and all forms of sexual misconduct from their commands the highest of priorities. senior leaders at all levels must hold accountable for pursuing allegations of sexual misconduct. we will accept nothing less. i understand that the air force has already made several changes to improve the safety and effectiveness of basic training. i would like to hear from our second panel if the safeguards put in place are sufficient. i hav
Jan 27, 2013 9:30pm EST
are doing more to convince people outside of d.c. come this is how the healthcare law will impact you. we've got to do a better job -- how do we talk to hispanics about that? how do we talk to women about that? trusted messengers. that is the hard job. it is easy to blame things on that messaging. the challenge is getting better at it and really being committed to go to places where we need to take the message and truly doing it. you do not just do it every four years. you do it starting today, thinking about four years from now, and not just because we want somebody's vote. do it because it is the right thing. we truly believe the policies that we all talk about are actually better for everybody. that was one thing that was missing for this campaign. barack obama acted like he really believed in what he said. maybe not the first debate, but beyond that, where was the passion on our side? really standing up for what we believed in and willing to take it to the public and not laying it safe. i think we have played it safe a lot of places. the folks that went big turned out to be winners. >
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2